Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Due to this unprecedented COVID-19 global health event, Harpers Payroll Service has activated our Business Resiliency Plan.

This contingency plan will not disrupt our operations. This does not impact the processing of payroll and/or the timeliness of direct deposit or the timing of payroll debits for taxes/direct deposits or payroll tax deposits.

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Telephone Issue

We are temporarily experiencing issues with the main phone line (508)753-2385 and are working with the phone company to resolve as soon as possible.

You can call as at (617) 848-9503.

We apoligize for the inconvenience.

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Client Testimonials

“I am especially impressed that I communicate with human beings vs. dealing with telephone recorded systems AND that the very timely responses to my needs (often report[s]) result in emailed reports w/in a minute or two. I couldn't ask for quicker turn around time ... !!!!!!”

Corporate Payroll Manager - 12/15

One-Time Disbursements

  • Whether providing refunds to customers of a contest or distributing funds from a legal settlement, we can quickly process the checks and return them to you ready to be mailed. Our years of payroll processing give us the experience to process your one-time distribution quickly and cost effectively.

  • Examples of the types of one-time disbursements

    While using our intergarted payroll and tax filing services is the best option available, our skilled tax experts can assist any business in the process of completing the following forms:

    • Prize Disbursement
    • Legal Settlement Disbursement
    • Customer Refunds
    • Stock Dividend Checks

    Think your disbursement is too big or small? Not to worry, Harpers Payroll Service is one of the largest payroll processing companies in the Northeast. We have the capability to turn around check volumes ranging from a hundred to hundreds of thousands.


We process disbursements quickly and effectively

We have the capability to run around check volumes ranging from a hundreds of thousands.

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