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“I am especially impressed that I communicate with human beings vs. dealing with telephone recorded systems AND that the very timely responses to my needs (often report[s]) result in emailed reports w/in a minute or two. I couldn't ask for quicker turn around time ... !!!!!!”

Corporate Payroll Manager - 12/15

Payroll Processing

  • Our payroll processing is a complete start to finish payroll cycle. Payroll Processing consists of check calculation, tax calculation, report generation, check signing and sealing. Our payroll processing tools allow users to utilize features such as our Pre-Process Payroll Register, unlimited paychecks per employee, unlimited Earnings and Deduction Codes and unlimited Direct Deposit transactions.

  • Trust Account Banking

    Trust Account Banking allows our clients who don’t want to store copies of cancelled checks or be burdened with reconciliation of their payroll account an alternative. Trust Account clients have payroll monies impounded and held in trust by Harpers until the paychecks are presented for payment.

  • Automatic Issuing of Agency Checks

    Eliminate some of the work for your accounts payable department by letting us handle your agency checks. Harpers can provide checks to a third party vendor or agency based on payroll deductions. Health insurance, garnishments, and 401(k) deductions can be placed on an agency check that will be made payable to the appropriate agency on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Direct Deposits

    The common feature of direct electronic payment to an employee's bank account has been improved. Harpers provides an unlimited number of direct deposits into different accounts at different financial institutions, per employee. Your employees can choose to have their pay divided by either static amounts or percentage of net pay into separate accounts.

  • Workers Compensation Calculation

    Your Workers Compensation Premium is a direct result of payroll dollars. To relieve some of the stress at audit time, Harpers has developed a report to provide necessary payroll information for your auditors, including the calculation of the premium.

  • Paperless Payroll

    Should you choose, you can elect to not receive payroll reports printed with payroll checks and deposit stubs each pay period. Instead, you can generate reports using our powerful payroll software at your location at any time for any date range, eliminating unnecessary paper. Additionally, if all employees are using a form of electronic payment, you can print payment vouchers directly to your printer and eliminate all delivery concerns.

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